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This is about the lesser know group of Christians called "The Truth" also know as "The Way", "The Friends" or "The Two By Twos and in earlier times "The Workers" and "The Blackstockings".


Its still not very clear to me what exactly happened around 1898ish, but it appears that a certain fellow named William Irvine started "The Truth" as we know it.
  • This created a division in the Church after about 1993 when it became more well known.


The Principle belief of the Way is that Jesus Christ was born of The Virgin Mary, was without sin and that he must and did die for our sins being blameless of anything and that the only way to Heaven now is through him and only him and that he sent the Holy Spirit after his death and resurrection to help and guide us until his return at the end of time when God say's that its over.

The Church with No Name

This is not entirely true, we do have a number of names as you can obviously see. What we don't have is an incorporated name. Most Churches in the USA incorporate and take on an "official" documented name for legal reasons. But really there is no real structure to the Church, there are no buildings, no required donations, no vehicles, no salaries etc...etc..none of the general trappings of an incorporated Church. We are really an unicorporated Church, and it works.
  • There was a time where one worker did try to incorporate the church, but it came to nothing, lesson learned.


"Church" is held in homes on Sunday at around 10:30AM a typical Church has 25-30 members in it on any given Sunday There is a Bishop/Elder or a Deacon that runs the Service. There maybe more than one Church in a given area or country. There is generally a gospel meeting around 4:00PM on Sunday afternoon that members attend and new people come to.

Sunday morning service:

  • First there is a hymn sung.
  • Then everyone whom is a member of the Church prays out loud.
  • A Second hymn is sung.
  • Then everyone that is a member of the Church gives a small testimony.
  • Then generally a Hymn or the First part of a Hymn is sung before communion.
  • A prayer is given then the bread is shared.
  • A prayer is given then the grape juice is shared.
  • Then a Hymn is sung or finished from the first part sung earlier.
  • Then the Bishop/Elder or deacon remove the emblems and Church is over
There are 3 places in the Church in general
  • The Ministry AKA Preachers AKA The Workers
  • The Bishop/Elder or a Deacon
  • The Member AKA Disciple AKA Saint AKA one of the Friends
The Ministers are just everyday members whom come to have "the calling" to be a preacher of the word, they go through no schooling to speak of for the position other than they are generally members for sometime before allowed to become a minister. The Ministers are un-married for as long as they are a minister, they are sent out in pairs either two men or two women(hence the 2x2 term/name). They never own homes or cars or bank accounts, they generally live out of two suitcases and a garmet bag. they generally live and eat in the homes of thier members and stay from as little as one night to 1 or 2 weeks. If they have a vehicle its generally provided by a member of the church for while they are in the area of the member.
  • They are modeled as closely as possible to the way the original 12 apostles were setup.
  • In the early days of the Church there were a number of folks who were married and ministers and even had children.
  • Its not a requirement to be un-married but its pretty hard to become one if so.
  • There are 2 or so couples that appear to be currently married in some foriegn countries where the Church is located.
  • This created a division in the Church after about 1993
The positions of Bishops and Deacons are clearly defined in the bible. Our Bishop/Elders generally have Church in thier home our deacons are generally backups for the bishops when they are gone on vacation or ill or a business trip. Other than that this section of leadership at least in my experince doesn't have a large active roll in things. it maybe i just haven't seen anything becuase I am not actually a bishop or a deacon.
  • 1 Timothy Chapter 3
  • Its not clear when it happened but in the Truth Bishops became "Elders" for some reason, so no one is called "Bishop" that i ever met.
Members consist of those folks that have stood up when a gospel meeting was "tested" to see if anyone wants to accept Jesus Christ into thier life, at this point they are considered "born again" and now a Christian. Sometimes this takes years before a person is willing to do this. Ages vary and have ranged from as young as 5 to older than 90 when someone accepts Christ into thier life. Once having done this the member is allowed to give thier testimony during Sunday morning meeting and to pray during meeting and participate in bible studies. A number of years after they are "professing" people then generally get baptised, the length of time varies depending on the person, how old they are, how well they are doing concerning Church and when the Holy Spirit moves them to be baptised. Once they have done that they can then take communion during Sunday morning service.
  • Over time, the workers have become fairly cautious when doing baptisims some prefer that a person is over 18 to be baptised but there is no forced requirement for a specific age. The older you are the better you understand your choice is the premise.
  • Workers are fairly open to anyone being "born again" though ages vary, I've seen some kids under 10 do very well in mtg. Some have even gone on to become Ministers.
  • Another premise is that although baptism may not be a requirement, if the opportunity is there and rejected that might be very bad for someone in the next life. Its never been made very clear biblically what happens to folks that are not baptised and die, esp. little children other than "God takes care of it". Which is fine for most including myself.


Tithing(giving donations) is not a requirement in the Church a donation plate is never handed out during Church services. Donations are done privately and by various ways and means. Some people wait till the ministers stay with them or they send donations through the mail. Donations can come in various forms, as money, gifts of clothes or hygeine products, some from allowing the ministers to stay in thier homes and feed them, some by donating vehicles or time helping the ministers get from location to location.
  • Many like to donate money through the mail as it allows you to remain unknown and makes the gift more special. Matthew Chapter 6: 3-4
  • There are no specific amounts required nor is it required that you give every week or month. You give what you can when you can

The Trinity and Jesus

First off let me say, the word "trinity" is NOT in the bible. However, the concept is clearly there. The Church believes that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are 3 different beings, yet they all are the same being. Its hard for a human to understand that but some do. A little non-biblical saying helped me to understand it better, this way: Me, Myself and I all have very specific usage, and places in English but they all refer to the same person. Its the same for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, they each have a proper usage and place but all refer back to the same being.

The Church also believes Jesus was divine yet made of the same flesh and blood as we are so he had the same temptations we did yet was able to conquer those temptations and was without sin. Jesus had choices to make just as we do and he showed us it could be done and be sinless.
  • This created a division in the Church after about 1993, some said Jesus was tempted as we are and CHOOSE to not sin, others said he could never sin so was basically just going through the motions but was never really tempted. The latter group broke off.

Special Times

The Friends really don't have any special days that they celebrate under the idea that everyday should be celebrated. There are however 2 times during the year when large groups of The Friends gather together. The One time is during the last week of August or the first week of September. The Time is called convention time and generally last for 4 days, its Thursday through Sunday with 3 mtgs each day. In most cases somewhere between 800-1200 people attend the mtgs. The other time is during the Month of December/January and is called special meetings sometimes they can be as large as conventions. It only occurs on one day and is always a Sunday there are generally 2 meetings during that day.
  • Other than Sunday worship, Paul suggests that it doesn't matter what day you celebrate(regard) from one person to another this is why in general The Friends don't have special days or observe standard holidays much. Romans Chapter 14: 5-8
  • Special meetings have changed over the last few years, it use to be the last Sunday of December or the first Sunday of January, now it has been divided up into smaller groups and different days other than Sunday so covers a couple weeks of time and you can get to more than one
  • Conventions have changed over the last few years also and is earlier, its now been moved to the first week of August in some places.
  • Each state or country generally has one convention per year but some have more than one and in more than one location so that most folks can attend one.

Membership appearance

In general a member of The Way has a certain MODEST appearance that they try to express. For the men the way to look is clean pants a clean shirt a short hair cut and clean shaven. For the women its either a clean dress or a clean skirt with a clean blouse and long hair. For either the men or women there should be no jewlery other than a wedding ring and a watch and niether should there be makeup of any kind used.
  • Since about 1990, this has become a problem in many of our churches and there are areas where this is openly disregarded.
  • Yes, The friends recognize that just because someone appears to be professing doesn't mean they are, and yet after a time those that ARE professing do express a certain appearance. 1 Timothy Chapter 2, 1 Peter Chapter 3: 5, 1 Corinthians Chapter 11:14-15.
  • Yes, for the women the Truth recognizes that there are somethings that require a woman to dress like a man, such as digging ditches, if a woman is digging a ditch it would be better for her to wear pants and a shirt rather than a dress. This should never be construed to mean that it should become everyday apparel when doing other tasks or shopping or at home or at school or in work where its not required such as being in an office job.

Church in the home

The basis for the church in the home is after Jesus's death the New Testament Church records only worship in homes instead of the Temple and by 70 AD the temple was also destroyed. The Gospel itself was preached sometimes in synagouges but synagoues were NEVER places of worship. It also might be noted that Jesus spent alot of time in peoples homes while he was alive rather than in the Temple and he performed the passover inside a home and not in the Temple, and then the very first mtg was in a home when pregnant Mary was speaking to pregnant Elizabeth and in MANY MANY cases the gospel was preached AND accepted by someone in their HOME both before and after Jesus was crucified.Then Finally on the First day of the week in the morning when Christ was resurected, the apostles were all gathered in a home and Jesus came in unto them while they were gathered.
  • Acts Chapter 2, Acts Chapter 5, Acts Chapter 12, Acts Chapter 20, Romans Chapter 16,
    1 Corinthians Chapter 16, Colossians Chaper 4, Philemon 1, Acts Chapter 7: 48.


Alcohol is REALLY frowned on in the Truth at least in the USA and Canada it is, I don't entirely know what The Truth is like in some foriegn countries where its been part of the fabric of those countries for 100's if not 1000's of years. Lets be very clear though wine is not against the rules or the bible. What the bible speaks out against is drunkeness. One must note also Wine is a very different product from beer or hard liquor. One might even say wine is a more natural thing VS beer or liquor which is a manufactured product.
  • Jesus was without sin, If wine is sin Jesus wouldn't have turned water into wine. John Chaper 2.
  • Jesus often talked about wine and used it as an example in his sermons.
  • Here Paul prescribes it as a remedy for medical Problems. 1 Timothy Chapter 5:23
  • What your not suppose to do is get drunk. Ephesians Chapter 5:18
  • Another reason most folks including our Church don't use wine for communion is that some folks have a problem called alcoholism and we don't want to be responsible for someones fall so we use grape juice which is of the same substance as wine just no alcohol.
    Romans Chapter 14:13
  • I don't drink any alcohol, but if one were to i would try to limit it to special occasions and most certainly in the privacy of your own home where you wouldn't be uspetting one of the brethern. Let me also caution that life lessons have taught me little good happens when someone starts drinking alcohol.
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