The Two By Twos

The Truth

This is about the lesser know group of Christians called "The Truth" also know as "The Way", "The Friends" or "The Two By Twos and in earlier times "The Workers" and "The Blackstockings".

Prophecy, Faith Healing..etc..etc..

Its quite clear to anyone that reads the bible that nothing is impossible for God to do, but there is some debate on whether or not what took place in the First century Church is allowed to continue today. The way deems that all those gifts directly given during the time Jesus was alive were only given to them becuase Jesus was alive and walking on the earth at that moment. So yes they did have those gifts but as soon as that generation passed away(roughly 100 AD) or so, those gifts disappeared from the earth never to be seen again.

Whats happening today in the world, the case being made is that most people today are engaged in fakery when it comes to healing and prophecy. Its very hard to discern whom might really have a gift from God and who doesn't, so the Church frowns on any expression of such. However one worker(shall remain unamed) told me once that the workers have met people whom can discern spirits. So this does imply that there are people on the earth with some powers, whether or not that is given of God remains unknown, and lest we forget satan has powers too, chief of which is deception. One should be very careful when treading this ground.
  • There have been a number of cases where the friends or the workers have bumped into witches and in one case a direct confrontation in which the witch had no power in the prescence of a worker. So again there are things out there, becareful.

TV's and Radios and Movies

There is nothing in the bible that say's you cannot have a TV, one might note also that in the early days of Radio that the friends were upset with that also my dear old grandmother mentioned that there was a debate about radios. Eventually almost all the friends owned radios. I myself was not entirely raised in the truth so i do know about having a TV prior to 1977. later when i fell away for awhile in the early 1990's i had one again. It was like DAY and NIGHT at the quality of programming from 77' to 90'. Programming prior to 77' you might have had 1 out of 4 shows or 1 out of 5 shows that had some good qualities to them now today you'd be lucky to find 1 out of 20. The real point is TV is very corrupting, very vulgar, very graphic in its violence and folks have the tendency is to waste 4-5 hours per day watching garbage. It breaks down the family time, imagination of children and has all sorts of negative affects. If you were someone that watched ONLY shows prior to 1977 that might be one thing, but most people honestly don't. Movies can also be bad and are laced with worldly mumbo jumbo and political correctness which are horrible to see and hear, but even still in the early days of movies the friend did sometimes let thier kids go to saturday afternoon matinees prior to the 1950's. Watching TV and Movies will make you numb to The Truth and bring you no peace. I'm often reminded of part of a verse where it mentions having your conscience seared with a hot iron, watching these things will give you that affect. I would avoid this as much as possible and certainly never leave your kids alone with one for any length of time.
  • Since the 1990's this has become a problem in The Truth, its not uncommon for some of the friends to have TV's and go to the movies they even go in groups to movies in some cases.
  • One might note there is a verse that talks about getting caught up in cunningly devised fables, which is quite similar to TV and Movies as we know them, 2 Peter Chapter 1:16


The Way doesn't have the typical humanitarian missons that most other kinds of churches do. We don't have bake sales or donation drives to collect things for the poor. We don't do foriegn missions where you go in and setup clean water wells, or build homes or do agriculture classes to help poor folks learn to live. In general "missions" in The Truth consist of a pair of workers going into a new area to preach the gospel or a new country to preach the gospel and little else. The only other remotely "mission" like thing i have heard of is there have been families or some married couples that move to a foriegn country to setup a home so that a place for Church maybe made for some newer people whom have joined us.
  • Most of the friends if they are donating to the poor donate to services like the Red Cross or Salavation Army rather than doing that within the Church structure/group.
  • The Saints do come together sometimes when one of our own families are in distress, what people do exactly is varied and up to the individual.
  • WHY this is, has never been made clear to me.


Its almost pointless to argue whether or not its a choice or genetic, becuase it DOES exist.The bible is very specific that homoseuxality is wrong to actively be engaged in. In the Truth someone whom is ACTIVE in the lifestyle is not allowed to take part in meetings, take communion or be a bishop or deacon or minister. Just as someone whom is an alcoholic and actively pursing drinking would not be able to take part or communion or be a deacon or bishop, likewise the same goes for homosexual behavoir. This doesn't however prevent them from coming to a gospel meeting or sunday morning Church and quietly observe what is acceptable.
  • The Natural order of things God prescribes for us, Genesis 2.:24, Matt 19:4-6
  • These show homosexuality is not acceptable, Lev 18:22, 20:13, 1 Cor. 6:9, Rom 1:26,27
  • God wants us to conquer our problems not give in to them whether its a choice or not.


Works I think is a poor choice of words for what James was trying to say in James 2. Lets be clear works cannot save you there is nowhere in the NT where Jesus says "by YOUR works you will be saved" it does however say Faith in Jesus Christ will save you. If there were works that could save a person it would have to be the works of the OT: sacrificing animals, performing the sabbath, ..etc..but those no longer have any bearing on your salvation.

However a better choice of words is that if you have faith you will/must bear fruit. If you don't bear fruit or you bear bad fruit you will be cutoff and caste into the fire. So what is fruit? How much must you bear? Fruit is clearly described, how much is not so well defined, but you must bear SOME.
  • You must bear SOME fruit: Matthew Chaper 3:8, Matthew Chapter 12:33, Matthew Chapter 13 8, Mark Chapter 4, Luke 8:15, John 12, Roman 7:, Mathhew 25
  • Kinds of Fruit: Gal 5:22, Ephesians 5:9, Hebrews 13:15, James 3:18, 1 Cor. 13, 2 Tim. Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Titus Chapter 2,
  • If you dont bear ANY fruit or bad fruit: Matthew Chapter 3:10, Matthew Chaper 7:19, Luke Chapter 3:9, Luke Chapter 13:9, John 15,Jude 1:12, Matthew 25

1000 year reign, the Rapture and Tribulation

I've never been able to pin anyone down on this subject. I've heard there are a few of the friends/workers that do understand Revelation but I am never given a name to be able to contact anyone and ask questions.

All I can offer in my personal opinion on what I think on these things.

The 1000 year reign, you've often heard of the saying, "What happens to those that never hear the truth? or never get a chance to profess?" this may be why there is the 1000 year reign, its a time for those whom never had a chance to profess Christ, to have a chance.

The Rapture, Some say there is a time when all those that believe in Christ will be taken away before the Tribulation, or during the Tribulation. This seems to me to be dubious becuase of this verse.
Rev 13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. How can Satan make war on the saints if they are not here and if war is not a tribulation what else could be?

So the best i can offer i that somethings are going to be happening near the end that we don't rightly know what they are, but it all must come to pass so that Christ may return. So try to not worry about them overly much as it will only disturb your peace you have with Christ.
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